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Why you shouldn't let leaves pile up on your lawn.

Updated: Feb 16

I love how Little Rock, Arkansas has a lot of natural beauty to enjoy. Almost any neighborhood you visit, you are bound to see an abundance of beautiful, mature trees. However, with all of this nature and beauty, there is a maintenance nightmare waiting in the fall and winter season. There are leaves everywhere!

Leaf Removal

It is best to not let the leaves pile up on your lawn. A thick layer of leaves will prevent your lawn from breathing. This thick layer of leaves can also invite unwanted pests and disease. Another issue is that it hinders air exchange and blocks water nutrients from reaching the roots.

There are different methods of dealing with the leaf issue. Some homeowners prefer to mulch the leaves up and provide natural fertilizer for their lawn. Others that prefer a more manicured lawn may elect to completely remove the leaves entirely by raking and bagging, using bagging lawn mower, lawn vacuum, or by having their lawn care service handle it for them. Either way you choose, keeping the leaves managed will help keep you lawn healthy and beautiful.


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